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Massage Types


$40/30 Minute

$70/60 Minute

$100/90 Minute 

A relaxation based massage with light to medium pressure, great for stress management.

Prenatal Massage

$50/30 Minute

$80/60 Minute

$110/90 Minute

A relaxation based massage with light to medium pressure, I use a pregnancy bolster which allows you to lay face down comfortably.


$45/30 Minute

$80/60 Minute

$110/90 Minute

A relaxation massage with one focal area of deeper work. Perfect for relaxing but getting that one bothersome area taken care of. 

Deep Tissue

$50/30 Minute

$90/60 Minute

$120/90 Minute 

A medical based massage, deep pressure is used to remove knots and increase mobility.

Hot Stone Massage

$90/60 Minute

$120/90 Minute 

A relaxing massage with hot stones both placed and massaged with all over the body.

Gift Certificates available through Charlevoix Downtown Dollars

Hours :

MONDAY through FRIDAY ~ By Appointment 

* We want to be available when you need us.

If you require a special time, please let us know & we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please feel free to call or text  with any questions or to make an appointment. 

Located at 108 Mason Street in downtown Charlevoix, just down from Subway across from the Chamber of Commerce  

Alyssa Riley

Massage Therapist

Phone: 231-675-3660 (Call or Text)


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